Sunday, August 30, 2015
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Why Join The PondHoppers?

Your family will love you for it!
Why Join GKC? #4
For the sake of your koi!
Why Join GKC? #3
Talk to members who have been there and done that....
Why Join GKC? #2
The people, the friends, & the family you join
Why Join GKC? #1 ?

So Why Not....

Download an application today...

  • The club meets the first Sunday of every the month at a member's home (pond) or Kanapaha Gardens, unless we have a planned special event.
  • The meeting starts at 2:00 pm and concludes with drawings for door prizes and raffle items. 
  • Our annual membership fee is $15 for a Single member or $25 for a Family membership. 
  • Membership Application

And see you at the next meeting!



GVILLE KC Blue Red White Black Trans SmallTo become a member, please print and fill out an application.GVILLE KC Blue Red White Black Trans Small

(Membership Application Links Below)


Club Activities and Resources:

The Gainesville club, affectionately called "The Pondhoppers", was founded in 1987. The main objective of the club is to encourage interest, study, and a greater appreciation in the hobbies of Koi Keeping and Water Gardening. The club provides information on all aspects of these hobbies using our members and local experts as resources for answers to questions about Koi Keeping, designing and maintaining ponds, and providing a healthy habitat for aquatic life.


Some of the clubs planned activities:

  • Interaction with other clubs
  • Calendar of events
  • Field trips
  • Pond tours / vendor demos
  • Seminars / speakers
  • Summer barbeque
  • Holiday party
Some of our resources:
  • Internet
  • Technical / video library
  • Club equipment (tanks, aerators, medicines)
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Discount subscriptions
  • Koi Health Advisor


So why should you join a Koi Club?

  • They would like to help the newcomer.
  • Joining a Koi Club can Save Time & Money
  • You can learn through the mistakes of others on poor pond design, useless filters and wasted products.
  • Koi Clubs have a network of people that you can ask questions about your fish or pond!
  • It doesn’t matter if you have a small pond or a large one, the problems are the same.
  • Joining a Koi Club is the best way to get a good head-start on your Koi Pond or Water Garden.


 Want to Join Us?

Visitors and guests are welcome at our meetings.

Need More Information?

  Please contact one of our officers.

If you have questions, need more information,  would like to attend a meeting,  receive a newsletter, and/or directions to the next club event.